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[QUOTE=danny2006]Ahh she rung me again and i tryed to explain why i didnt want to be friends she said why we are friends then i said i cant talk t=about us no more so we didnt just talked like friends and some stuff what we did in the passed and i said we broke up becuase of him and she said no i just had enough not that she dont love me she had enough so i got upset and she said quickly lets change the subject i explained what its doin to me but she cares but wants to be friends and so do i coz i enjoy it so much i said im not over you at all..

So she said after all that if you do get another girlfriend will you still ring me and be friends ahhhhhh. i started crying ahhhhh saying i dont want no1 else so i had to stop talking about us again i said im gunna be alone for my 18th she said i will come out with you and we will go in ur car for a road trip arrrrr....
she wants her watch tommoro what i bought her for xmas but didnt give it to her and she also wants a ring grrrrr this girl is getting me mad im gunna go give it to her tommoro i dont no what to do ne advice on that before tommoro would be good...

i said is nething ever gunna change between us she said i dont no before all this weeks ago she said never ever ever ever a chance in hell then i asked wot if you brake up with him is there a chance she said i dont no so i think i need to impress her a lot keep bein friends im getting my car soon and she said will you pick me up everyday and take me to mcdonalds at luch time grrr lol she wants me to do all this but it makes me happy again speaking to her but then when i dont speak to her i wonder what shes doin whos she with but i gotta get over that part

Lol my life story again we talked like for a hour n half i dont no if her new boi nows or what but its got *** all to do with him like she said were just friends..

Ne advice on what to do next the breakin contact bit is really not working its too hard[/QUOTE]

re read my story about my ex... she is using you and milking you.. she wants you to do all these things, and is saying that it will give you a chance at being with her


she is either into you or not. she is not. no amount of doing things for her can make her change her mind.

CUT CONTACT. She is a manipulative, caniving little (won't say the word)... plain and simple. DON'T GIVE HER THE WATCH... OR THE RING...

she no longer is important to you, and she's made it obvious your not important to her.

no friend would put another friend through this heartache.

if one of your male friends treated you this badly, would you put up with it?

your only 17. you have so much time to find a girl that will treat you right. start today.

again you 17... change your mobile number... no one NEEDS to contact you at that age, except family... they will have your new number... that way you CAN'T answer the phone.


and i'd put money on it that this new guy was in her thoughts before she dumped you... girls this shallow and selfish don't move on unless their plans are secure.

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