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Ok, here is my problem today.

My fiance and I have everything going great for us. We bought a nice house, we bought and own all of the furniture in it. We have done this all in a year.

Now things are always good for the most part. We have our good and our bad, just as everyone else.
Now I am all for him talking to old friends. Except this chic calls him at least 7 times a day. All day long she is calling to "catch up" This is only say day 5 of her finding him on here. He gave her his number thinking oh this is so cool I can talk to an old friend. Well she lives 2 states away, but that did not stop my honey and I from seeing eachother and doing things.

Ok, maybe I am overreacting, he says I am. But I found out that she has been trying to track him down for years. She had her friends searching online and calling all of the guys with the same name. She went on classmates to find him, tried calling his mother, his ex who lives back where he grew up. EVERYTHING. She has a few kids now and is seperated, I wonder why. This morning we are sitting in the kitchen enjoying coffee and breakfast together when she calls at 10 AM! Ok, now if she wants to call him a few times in the first week that she found him.. ok.. but yesterday she called him 5 times, the day before was every 2 hours, and the day before my fiance was like geesh I think she is still in love with me, she has called me nonstop all day.

How can we get her to backoff. My fiance got upset with me telling me I am insecure, but how can I not be when this b*tch keeps calling him at all hours of the day. He has mentioned oh I am going shopping with my girlfriend, but she does not stop jibberjabbing. She talks to him the entire car drive until the signal fell out and then she called back of which he did not pick up.

WHAT DO I DO? I am p*sssed to the hilt. I cannot take this chic coming into our lives. See another thing, she has no respect for me. I am white he is latino, she is latino. So maybe she does not care. I think she is trying to get with him how she could not back in high school, well someone needs to tell this chic that she needs to get a dog, because she cannot come near my guy.

Ok, sorry I needed to vent. Someone help me!!!!!!!!!!

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