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hi. I understand where you are coming from. I think more than once a week is reasonable. However, it sounds like you are both very busy and that could have someothing to do with it. I have a bit of a different perspective on this that I just thought I would share. I am in my 30's, and I am married with 1 child. I too, enjoy my girls night out, and I always have. Now, I have calmed it down a bit, it's not every Saturday night anymore, although sometimes it turns out that way if something special is going on, but every 2nd or 3rd Saturday night I do like to go out with my girlfriends. Sometimes we do end up at the bars dancing, ro we will end up at a movie or a pub or whatever. The point is, that is my girl time. I have dated guys in the past who would try to invite themselves along, and honestly, this is a huge turn off. Once in a while, sure, but I think in relationships we have to respect friendships that our partners have. It sounds like you are doing that. That being said, if it's been 2 years and you are seeing each other only 1 time a week that isn't very much..I think he should put aside 1 Saturday a month for you, and perhaps try to spend some time Sundays or during the week as well. That isn't an unreasonable request at all. As far as his guy trip away fishing, I wouldn't make a bit deal about it. My husband does that to, as do I, at least once a year we go away seperately. What is your social life like? I hope you also get out and have your own fun time with your own freinds. perhaps you could casually mention that you would like to plan a trip for a day or two away just the two of you. See what his reaction is. He might surprise you. I guess you need to decide what you want from this? talk to him honestly, without feeling guilty, about your need for a bit more time together, and take it from there...You aren't asking him to give up all his guy time, and to me that is a perfectly reasonable request...

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