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Jan 14, 2006
Hi2all, new here... :wave:

have been really frustrated with the situation that I'm having with my boyfriend recently. I'm 17, he's 19. We've been dating for about 4mths now... everything was going great...and still is. I've been having some issues with him alot recently though. He is his moods change alot. Often times, he gets mad at me...for no apparent reason, or even if there is a reason...he takes things way too serious. He talks really negative about himself. Sometimes says " I have the sudden urge to cut myself... I hate my life...I wanna die..." and like it would affect anyone else, it's affecting me. His parents know he is bipolar...he's on medication.

However, I think it's affecting our relationship. Sometimes, he acts like everything is cool with us..and at other times, he'll seem unhappy. I sometimes, don't know, if he'd be this way if I wasn't in the picture. I've just worried alot about him...I want him to be happy. I know he wants the same for me. Over the last two weeks, he broke up with me twice...and each time called me back saying he was sorry...he didn't mean it.. Weird thing is, he says...he didn't have a reason for it, he just did it. Sooooo...I don't know what to think. I mean, I've talked to him countless times...and he does try to reassure me. And yesterday...I spent the whole night with him...and it's always great, I feel really happy when I am with him...I couldn't have a care in the world. And he was really happy too...I could tell.

I know that other things are contributing to when he feels down and stuff, and yeah, there have a been a few little arguements over silly things...but we get over it and it's fine. I just want to know...if anyone else has been in a relationship like this, where they have to be on guard alot...because you'll never know when something will trigger their down...

Thanks for reading... I know I rambled alot. But, if anyone is going through something similar...or has before. I just want to know...if you think it's something that we should stop the relationship for? I feel like I can handle it, and be there for him...because things are so great when nothing is wrong.

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