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I don't know your age, but keep in mind that many couples would be two years into their marriage at the end of three years.
Things DO settle down after this many years with one person.
However - if you're not married, and there's no engagement ring or talk of any clear cut committment most women will look at that taking for granted as a bad thing.

If she gave you ANY indication at all over the last 6 months to a year that things weren't right and you chose to gloss over them then you truly do need to give her that space and pray that she recognizes your good points even if you've taken her for granted.

By the way, taking someone for granted is not always a bad thing.
I take for granted that my husband is faithful to me.
I take for granted that my marriage is forever.
But I never take his love for granted. You do have to both give into that communal pot that is your relationship.

Most women want commitment if they are still with you after 3 yrs. If you don't want to marry this woman let it go - you would probably have already known if you wanted to marry her.
If you do still want to marry her send her a letter telling her that you realize that you were acting like an old married man & you'd never properly asked her to be your wife.

It's not a case of whether you can get her back or not.
It's - what do you want to do with her if you do?

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