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I'm having a bit of a problem with my BF's habits at work. I used to have open access to his work email due to some mistakes on his part (I found out he was contacting other girls my age and "forgetting" to mention his girlfriend... one even gave him her address!!!) So I was allowed to "check up" on him when I felt the urge so that I could see for myself that he got that behavior out of his system. Well recently I noticed many emails to females at his work, most very common.. hi how are you, that sort of thing. But there are a few that really spark my interest... he'll talk with them about their living situations, they're marital status, etc. in a way that seems just conversational.. There was one email where a woman asked about his living situation, and he responded "I live with my gf, sorry to dissapoint you!"

I know it's probably nothing, maybe a little bit of flirting that he can't help.. but I just don't think he needs to be talking to women at work like that, especially when he's in a supervisor-type position. I know, personally, I would be very uncomfortable if my supervisor had done this to me. One girl emailed him saying "I don't think you're girlfriend appreciates you talking to strange girls." And I pointed that out to him, because I don't! He says I'm overreacting, that he's just trying to be friendly. I also see several emails from women that are outright flirtatious towards him, saying "I've seen you around the office.. you're just a player" etc etc... it makes me very, very concerned about how he behaves at work.

I brought up my concerns with him very calmly and explained why I didn't like what was going on. He basically ignored my opinions and said I was accusing him of things that just weren't true... and then the next day at work he changed his password and told me he was done letting me see his emails. Now I have no way of knowing if he's continuing his behavior or not, and it's very nerve-wracking for me. I hate to seem like a spy, but I never get an honest response from him otherwise! Please give some advice... i'm just so paranoid right now with our relationship in kind of a rut... :confused:

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