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Hi Nina,

You are such a sweetheart--thank you so much for your kind wishes and support! It really means so much to me to have such wonderful and caring friends here, and I definitely plan on going back to school soon, only now I am leaning toward law school over getting a history Phd. I think being a lawyer would interest me and use my skills just as effectively and maybe I could make a difference here in America where I'm frightened and concerned by the people being elected and worse, those appointed to the Supreme Court here...but anyway, sorry to be off topic...back to you, congratulations yourself on all the impressive work and accomplishments you've piled up! Especially dealing with troubled relationships and being on your own in a foreign country, you have a ton of things to be proud of professionally as well as being a great person all around :). I do think that what music says makes some good sense, and I also question why your BF is so considerate and worried about his ex's feelings and willing to sacrifice his own interests so as not to upset or anger her. I think it's about time he stands up for himself and more importantly for you and your relationship when it comes to dealing with his ex AND his family! I am rooting for you and behind you 100% no matter what happens...remember, you deserve nothing but the best Nina!

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