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[QUOTE=steakie46]Hi, i just wanted to add a comment. I think there are good sites out there to meet people in your area if you don't want to necessarily put up a profile on a dating site. Such as possessive area (ha, hope you can figure it out =)). I think it is a good alternative to a site specifically designed for dating and you can also meet friends on there! I have had a profile up for a few days and have already had messages from guys around my area, even though I am in no way ready to date, it is still a nice self esteem boost. Just a thought.

Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday night and had a good weekend![/QUOTE]

Hi everyone,

I completely agree with Steakie/Stacy :wave: about the site she mentioned--some of the sites for networking, especially the one she alluded to, are really great ways to meet people of the opposite sex. You can get introduced to friends of friends this way or meet people who are alumni of the schools you've attended, perhaps even reconnect with an old crush or sweetheart? I actually had a date tonight with a guy who went to my college a few years before I did, who I found on ******* and wrote to saying that I thought his profile was really cool and that he was cute. That was definitely an understatement, as he was super hot in person, and like most people from my school, we share similar views about political, religious, and social issues, which is an important area of compatibility in my view. I felt totally comfortable opening up to him and candidly sharing my experiences and opinions, even those that some might consider extreme or somewhat shocking, because I knew that he wouldn't object, disagree, or judge me. So if you liked your high school or college, contacting other alumni can be a great way to meet potential dates or even just new friends. I am really excited about the guy I met tonight, as I think we hit it off incredibly well, and he asked me if I'd like to go again and even pressed to set up plans for another date later this week before I left! I'm so glad he liked me too, and I'm really looking forward to seeing him again...I feel like I'm walking on a cloud! Maybe I just didn't get enough opportunities to date before, as I was almost always tied down in relationships until last year, but I absolutely love being single, particularly the excitement that comes along with being able to meet new guys and date as many different guys as I want! To everyone who is feeling down about being single, I hope you'll try and think of the positive side of your situation as well, and embrace the dating opportunities your singlehood makes possible if you feel emotionally ready for it, as it can be an incredible mood and self esteem booster to meet a great new guy who likes you just as much as you like him :). The guy from tonight put me in an incredibly upbeat, cheerful mood just by meeting me and hitting it off so well with me, and I also appreciate his patience in putting up with me falling out of touch with everyone for weeks at a time on a few different occasions since I first contacted him...I can't wait to see him again, and I will make sure to keep you posted, because there are several other guys I've come across lately whom I'm also excited about getting to know. I love men and dating!

I also think Hiya's suggestion is a great idea and a very promising way to connect with new people, both friends and dates, though unfortunately, I don't know how I could pull it off successfully, as the vast majority of my friends no longer live in the same metropolitan area as me :confused:. I only really have one close friend left here, so I don't think that would make for a very fun party, sadly. I really wish it was feasible for me though, and I would strongly encourage anyone who has enough friends in their area to make it work to give this idea a try if you are looking to meet new people for any reason! Though Lance (psst...hi there, we missed you :wave:!), I think your decision to hold off on dating for the time being makes a lot of sense based on all the factors you mentioned...there is certainly nothing wrong with taking a break from dating when you don't feel emotionally open to it or when it doesn't make sense at a particular time in your life. And it's important to make dating choices based on what our instincts tell us is best for US, not based on what anyone else wants or thinks, so I admire you for standing up to your mom and being true to yourself :). I have little doubt that she'll have a daughter in law, and perhaps even some little Lances and Lancinas, running around soon enough whenever it is that you decide dating is a good idea for you again. All of the great posters here have a ton of wonderful qualities that is sure to win over the opposite sex whenever the time is right, and I can't wait to here more happy updates from my amazing buddies here! I love you guys, Stacy :wave:

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