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[QUOTE=GypsyArcher]I think it is normal that you are dreaming of your ex-girlfriend. She is obviously causing you a lot of stress in your waking hours, and usually that kind of thing will manifest itself in our dreams, as our subconscious toils with and tries to make sense of issues affecting us during the day.

If she has broken up with you, why are you two still communicating with each other? Why don't you just turn away and ignore her whenever she starts foaming at the mouth with all of these bizarre, paranoid delusions of hers? It seems like even though she ended it with you, she still wants you to pay attention to her, still wants to get you involved in all of her little personal dramas. I know it must be tough, especially since you attend the same school, but you gotta start blocking her out. You can't take anything she says to heart, since obviously she is a little loopy. Sometimes when people break up with their BF/GF they cannot deal with the possibility of the other person moving on, and so go out of their way to keep that person from forgetting about them. Stop indulging this girl, and tune her out. You'll find someone better one day...[/QUOTE]

Hi Aerith Rose,

It's good to see you back and are you doing otherwise? I really hope you are okay and that you're making progress in moving on and getting over your ex. I know it must be hard having to see her around campus and all, but Gypsy Archer is so right that the less contact you have with her, the better off you will be. I really believe that you have to cut off communication with someone who has broken your heart in order to progress through the healing process. You are clearly a lot better off without your ex since she is acting this definitely sounds like she is trying to keep you from moving on and getting over her by playing these mind games, which is immature, mean and selfish of her. You deserve so much better! Remember that the sooner you get your ex out of your life, the sooner your heart will heal and be able to open up again to someone much better suited for you. Please realize that your ex no longer has your best interests at heart and is clearly trying to cause you distress, so you need to put yourself first, as she has chosen to do by leaving, and for the sake of your own emotional well-being, you need to avoid her as much as you possibly can. Hopefully she will get tired of playing these games with you once you make it clear that you are no longer interested in maintaining communication with her, and then your nightmares will go away, and you can get the sleep you need to feel good as you go about the process of getting on with your life and healing from the loss and heartbreak you have suffered. My heart goes out to you, and I really hope you start feeling a lot better about everything very soon. You are a very caring, loving, and kind guy, and I promise that it won't be long, once you are over this breakup and ready to love again, before you find a girl that will treat you much better, be a more suitable partner for you, return the love and devotion you give to her, and prove that she is worthy of your love by never letting you down or squandering it. Hang in does get easier with time if you take good care of yourself and make sure to do what is best for you from now on. Good luck and take care!

Best wishes, Stacy

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