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I don't know if I would call it a lost love but this may sound silly but I had this crush on this same guy for over 10 years. Yes it was over 10 whole years. I loved everything about him that it's insane. I went to grade school with him, he was in my class in grade 2 and the first time I saw him was when I was 7 years old. I fell in love with him instantly, everything about him was just special and wonderful to me even at that young age. He sat infront of me that year and he is one of the nicest guys I know. He's also one of the most gorgeous looking guys I know to this day. We went to the same high school and were in a few classes together too. For years when we were together I'll blush like crazy and didn't know what to say to him when we were talking but I somehow managed to have good conversations with him. We were basically in the same schools till we were both 18. At that time I still had a thing for him, it had dimmed a bit through time and the influx of other guys but he was the one that stole my heart all those years ago. When I went off to university in our hometown I lost contact of him. I didnít see him for a whole year. In that year my heart healed a lot, I learned that there were a lot of other guys out there but somehow I still didnít want to let go.

Then in my second year of university he turned up in my physics class. It was weird but I didnít talk to him that whole year. We just seem like total strangers. I still see him sometimes at school and talk to him. Weíre both older, and more mature now but my previous feelings for him hasnít left me. I wish I had the nerve to ask him out on a date so that Iíll know how he feels about me. Is it just a old classmate type of feeling or more. I ran into him once a year and a half ago in a supermarket and he was surprised to see me. He was with his girlfriend and I had already started dating my current boyfriend. We had a nice chat, and I donít know why but I felt his gf wasnít very pleased he talked to me for so long. I think partly he was surpised at how I looked too. I got rid of my baggy jeans, baggy shirts and reamped myself. Gave myself a makeover, got tigher hotter looking jeans, better looking tops and contacts. It does make me feel good that he probably never thought I was ugly all these years weíve known each other but just pleased to see me in a different light. I still wish to this day that I had went up to him in one of our physics class and asked him out. Who knows what could have happened if I had the nerve to do it when we were both single.

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