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If this sort of thing is always happening every time you do anything social, then I think you're right to acknowledge that you need to work on something deep inside. It sounds like you might be struggling with some serious insecurities and/or defense mechanisms that you are using to avoid getting hurt, but that are instead getting in the way of true intimacy and happiness. Having read your past posts though, I'm not at all sure that the best place for you to try and work through these issues is with your ex...I don't like some of the ways he treated you at all, especially his blowing everything out of proportion, picking fights, and then blaming you for all of this. It also sounds like you aren't completely thrilled with your life on your own, which is essential for a healthy and balanced relationship between equals, and I'm not sure that this is something you can properly address and try to remedy while in a less than 100% supportive and nurturing relationship. You deserve to be treated with nothing less than the utmost respect and made to feel important, admired, and cherished by your partner, and I think it's hard to attain this when you are struggling with insecurity. I would strongly encourage you to think long and hard about whether this is really your ideal relationship and whether you can achieve the personal progress and growth that will make you happier and stronger while in this relationship or whether you'd do better on your own. Good luck and take care!!

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