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Hi. I want to ask your opinions on how to handle this situation. I have two great friends, who are married, not happily, but married. I just found out last night that my sister has been having an affair with my BF hubby. I am so freakin hurt and feel betrayed by BOTH my sis and friend. I don't know what to do. For months he has been having sex with her and his poor wife has no clue and I know it all. I can't even look her in the face anymore, and him, I have lost all respect for and almost hate now. I was upset with my sister too, but she is a single very lonely unhappy single mom and I could understand kind of how that could happen. I feel most betrayed by him though!! I so want to hint to his wife, but I could never because it will hurt her deeply and cause problems for them and they just bought a new house and she thinks everything is so happy. Needless to say, we are all neighbors! All of us. I haven't even told my hubby, because he hates my sis as it is and I know he will call her a **** and tons of **** I don't need to hear. I guess I have none really to talk to and I'm venting here. Anybody have any opinions on what I should do? Or it nothing, then at least how I can look my BF in the face again knowing her hubby was f***ng my sister for months!!!!\\

I feel so much hate for him right now and feel so betrayed by both of them!!!

Melly :angel:
Hi Melly, sorry to hear that you're in such a bad spot. Well for starters I don't know what to suggest that you do as I wouldn't truly know what is the right decision. What I do know is that I have more loyalty towards my sister than my best friend. My sister is my best friend and will always be there. You can have other best friends but you can't really avoid or ignore your own sister.

First of all as a bystander you really don't know what the situation with the 3 of them is like. Are you sure that you're friend's marriage is going great? What if they are having problems but you don't know about it and your friend's hubby is looking elsewhere because of it. If the affair has been going on for months then your sister and your guy friend is serious about this and it may be more than just sex. I would have a talk with your sister and tell her that you're on her side and don't blame her either. Sure she did something wrong but honestly do you want to have your sister as somebody that is going to be mad at you forever or a friend? In a situation like this you have to choose between the two, your friend or a sister. Also I don't know if the others will agree with me but I don't like to tell people that their spouse, or gf/bf is cheating on them unless it's necessary. Have the parties that's cheating do the confessing rather than you. Let the cheaters know you already know and it's not much of a secret if other people know. Hope this helps but it is a tough situation to be in. Best of luck
Hi Luvgirl:

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and offering your advice. I've talked with my sis and let her know that I'm disappointed in her and that it was wrong, but my sis is my sis. I'm not going to say anything to his wife(my b/f), but I will make damn sure that he knows I know!! They ended it a few weeks ago. It was purely sex more than anything for her, but for him it was falling in love and she ended it weeks ago, so it's pretty much over. I still can't look him in his cheating face though or my best friend. I have stayed away from them all weekend trying to avoid and I feel bad about it, but I'm not ready to face either one of them yet.

Thanks again!!

Melly :angel:
There is an article that I would like for you to read on a website called marriage builders The article is called "The ending". It has to do with infidelity and whether or not it should be exposed or not.

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