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Hi. I want to ask your opinions on how to handle this situation. I have two great friends, who are married, not happily, but married. I just found out last night that my sister has been having an affair with my BF hubby. I am so freakin hurt and feel betrayed by BOTH my sis and friend. I don't know what to do. For months he has been having sex with her and his poor wife has no clue and I know it all. I can't even look her in the face anymore, and him, I have lost all respect for and almost hate now. I was upset with my sister too, but she is a single very lonely unhappy single mom and I could understand kind of how that could happen. I feel most betrayed by him though!! I so want to hint to his wife, but I could never because it will hurt her deeply and cause problems for them and they just bought a new house and she thinks everything is so happy. Needless to say, we are all neighbors! All of us. I haven't even told my hubby, because he hates my sis as it is and I know he will call her a **** and tons of **** I don't need to hear. I guess I have none really to talk to and I'm venting here. Anybody have any opinions on what I should do? Or it nothing, then at least how I can look my BF in the face again knowing her hubby was f***ng my sister for months!!!!\\

I feel so much hate for him right now and feel so betrayed by both of them!!!

Melly :angel:

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