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Re: Players!!!
Jan 24, 2006
digmusic - Well, I was not saying that you, in particular, dressed provocatively, I was just trying to make a point, which usually tend to be blustery and rambling.

A lot of relationships just end up fading or both persons just realize it isn't working for them. Now, in the few weeks or a month that these relationships have been lasting, have you been sleeping or fooling around with these guys? If you have, then it's possible they were just using you and want to move on. I have never had a relationship last for any signifigant amount when we became physical very early on. With my current boyfriend, we've been together two years. We were dating for about three weeks before we even kissed, and almost four months before we had sex. You have to build some kind of foundation first, I think.

Lance - I'm sorry you've had such bad experiences with clubs. But here is my take on them, as well as bars. (Or any event or function where everyone is consuming alcohol). The premise seems so fake, due to the drinking. If you are drinking, and the people you meet are drinking, then you aren't meeting the actual person, but a wilder, crazier, less inhibited person. How you can start something genuine like that? So IMO a good place to meet a potential partner who anyplace where alcohol isn't involved. Or maybe I'm just biased because I'm a recovering alcoholic...who knows! Ah, you may say you are giving up on women, but I know you'll find yourself falling head over heels when you least suspect it! I hope both of you guys are able to find happiness someday...

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