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[QUOTE=charlatans]some of the things he said, whilst telling my friends about it, make me think he hasnt let go...i dont know whether to be patient and see if he can let go...maybe i should send him nice messages after a week or so...texting him old memories because i know they are his weak spot...i just dont know anymore[/QUOTE]

No, you definitely shouldn't do this...Eve is completely right. How much more clear does he have to make it before you will accept that he considers the relationship permanently over? To continue to contact him after what he has said to you really does make it seem like you lack dignity and self-respect, and I really hope you will realize this and cut off communication. Your ex has expressed time and time again that he wants time and space and distance from you, which means that he doesn't want to hear from you. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but there is nothing you can do to change his mind, and continuing to think there is a chance of reconciling and thus contacting him again in the future will only make you sadder and make it tougher for you to move on. Your grieving process will be unnecessarily prolonged, and you will also end up embarrassing yourself if you continue to chase after a man who has made it plain that he wants to break up with you and move on. Please, please stop contacting him and thinking there is hope of getting back together, because it's only hurting you and annoying him for you to continue to act differently.

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