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Heres the thing , iv been going out with my bf for just over a year now he is 23 and i am 16 . I do love him loads and he is the best thing in my life .
But heres the thing , My boyfriend gets a little rough somtimes, you know what its like when they get excited and there is no way of stopping them. He makes me do things and wear thing which i really dont like but when i say no he gets really aggressive and gets real scary so i kinda givin. I say no quite a lot but its not like im pulling his hair out kicking and screaming saying no,im not putting up a huge fight. so it is mostly my fault. But my best friend she wont see it that way and she hates him my family hate him . there totally against me seeing him so its like im kinda stuck in the middle .
He asked me to move in with him and i said yeah but they are totally against that to . I really do love him but they dont even give him a chance. My bf is always winding them up as well which doesnt help.They are all really edgey about me moving in with him but if i dont he will get really angry im really not sure what to do.

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