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[QUOTE=Stacey_x] Dont get me wrong There are days when he is kind and gentle . But he could have anygirls he wants so i should be glad he choose me..[/QUOTE]

"Some days" he's kind and gentle? Big flippin' deal! That does not make up for the days he's cruel, angry and abusive. And I don't care how big a hunk some guy is, or how many women would love to be with him. If he "gets rough" with you, hurts you, scares, you , abuses you, then being with him is nothing to be glad about. I hear low self esteem pouring out in every word you say.

[QUOTE=Stacey_x]My homelife has never been bad but it just seems a whole lot eaier if i lived with him because When he wants me to somthing and im not there he gos mad so its just easier if im with him .
I have been real lucky this year iv been to the health clinic twice , but it is really annoying because he wont wear a condom but i feel real pressures to do it with him . so its hard to tell him without insulting him .
I just wish they would all get of my back for once. and leave us alone.[/QUOTE]

I pray your friends an dfamily will stay on your back until you finally understand how controlling, dangerous, suffocating and unhealthy this man is, and how wrong it is for you to be with him. I can't even begin to tell you how confused, muddled and turned around your thinking is. And I'm not sure even what advice you're asking. Of course your family is not going to approve, and no one who gives a darn about you would ever approve of or like him, because he's a controlling, abusive jerk who is dangerous and unhealthy for you to be with. You should be finishing high school, going to school dances, preparing for the SATs, going to football games, Homecoming and the Prom, and enjoying being a teenager, NOT stressing over whether or not you got pregnant this time because your selfish, controlling jerk of a boyfriend refuses to use a condom. There is obviously a great deal you still have to learn about being a self-respecting young woman who takes care of herself. Because when a self-respecting, mature, strong woman is confronted with a man who refuses to use a condom, she simply says "sorry, no glove, no love" and she walks out and moves on to the next man who will think of her and her needs instead of being so selfish. Your family and friends love you and want you to be safe and happy, and you never will be with this guy. You won't find anyone here either who will tell you how to please him and how to get your family off your back, because that would not be in your best interest. What would be best for you is for you to open your eyes and see this man the way everyone else in your life sees him, for who he is, and get him out of your life as fast as possible.

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