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I really am at a loss for words here. You are 16 years old? you shouldn't even be thinking about moving in with a guy. He is 23? That is way too old for you. I would wager he is with you because he knows he can control you. I mean why would a 23 year old want to be with a 16 year old. Of course your family and friends hate him, he treats you terribly. no man should have control over you, or tell you what to wear, or make you feel scared of him. This sounds like a horrible situation. You are much too young ( and even if you weren't young, not one should be with a guy like this), please leave this guy. Nothing good will come of this. I know you want a boyfriend and at 16 it feels like you have to have a boyfriend to be happy, but you don't, and there are guys out there who will treat you a million times better than this guy. you are so young, you should be focusing on school and friends and just having fun wtih life, not moving in with an abusive guy.
[QUOTE=Stacey_x]I started going out with him when i was 15 , i thought when i was 16 the age gap will be ok.
Dont get me wrong There are days when he is kind and gentle . But he could have anygirls he wants so i should be glad he choose me. My homelife has never been bad but it just seems a whole lot eaier if i lived with him because When he wants me to somthing and im not there he gos mad so its just easier if im with him .
I have been real lucky this year iv been to the health clinic twice , but it is really annoying because he wont wear a condom but i feel real pressures to do it with him . so its hard to tell him without insulting him .
I just wish they would all get of my back for once. and leave us alone.[/QUOTE]
:confused: :confused: :confused:
There are days when he is gentle?????? This should be the norm, it should be ALL days or ALMOST ALL days he is gentle....Also, may I you what do you mean bysaying that "he could have any girl" ?? Who on earth wants to be with someone you yourself call "abusive"????? When you are in love you become too blind to the fact that ONLY YOU can put up with too much. If that's what he's doing to you before you move in, can you imagine what he will be doing when he takes you for granted....???

And he doesn't want to have protected sex with you???? Gosh! He is an ignorant control freak, sorry to be harsh but this person is putting you in real risks, and then you want people to get off your back?????? Do you mean your caring family and friends????

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