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[QUOTE=SophiaM]Hey Nina--wow, that's quite a shocker--he wants to change his life and to fly to England! Hopefully he will clarify more what's going on in his next email. I don't know how you should proceed because you don't have all the info yet. Is he getting divorced??? Is he already disillusioned with his marriage and wants to get away from his new family?? That is strange. How long has he been married and how old is his baby? If he indeed wants to leave his wife and move to England, I would be cautious with him. Especially that there is a baby involved.[/QUOTE]

Yes Sophia it was such a shock for me too!!!!? :eek: Well, his baby is so young (two-year-old) and he hasn't been married for much longer. He hasn't replied yet but I asked him to tell me what is going on exactly.

I am starting to think that he wants more than friendship, but I really don't. (He is such a sweetheart though :D ). I have re-read his second message and he said that he is not close to anyone as much as he is close to me!!!!!Why is it so difficult to have a male friend who knows that they are ONLY FRIENDS? Or is it only him? I am quite confused :confused:
Will just wait and see....

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