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My boyfriend constantly comments on other women's attractiveness ("wow!", "darn she's hot", "she is attractive" or "she's cute", etc.) from Salma Hayek to regular women crossing the street. He also mentions exes (both girlfriends and wives). I asked that he please stop talking about his past and that if he sees someone attractive that he appreciates it in silence. He's gotten better in that now he doesn't stare at other women in my presence, but he continues to talk about them as if I were his buddy and not his g/f and it bothers me tremendoulsy. He says I am very insecure. I admit I am, but ask that he limit his comments in front of me. I know the type of women he likes, so when I see one that I think he would like, I brace myself for a comment from him...I dread it...and 99% of the time, he will say something.

Guys, is it common that men "lust" over other women in front of their significant others?

Girls, does it bother you as much when your significant other comments on the looks of other women (even if they are movie stars)?

Please help.

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