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im not blaming myself anymore. i use to blame myself for everything. even some of my friends got impatient with me and started to say it was all my fault and that i should accept and learn from it. but looking back it really wasnt. i cant believe how my own friends made me feel like that.

this morinng i thought to myself that i cant call him my ex- i just cant. ill just say hes a guy who i was seeing for some time but it didnt work out. that helps. how can i call him my ex when the relationship, the feelings were all so messed up, the sort of person he turned out to be etc. i cant call him my ex. does anyone understand me on this?

i keep thinking of him with other girls. how hes happy to start dating in a few weeks. i cant accept that very well- how can you be so so so close to someone for 7 months, spend every minute with them then breakup with them and a few weeks later start to look for someone else. well it goes to show that he has moved on but it also shows many other things- well to me at least.

i dont think i can go out tonight. i organised a big night out with many friends but i cant face it. how can i go out when feeling like this? youd think going out wouldm ake me feel better but it really doesnt. ill see his friends, ill possibly see him, ill be out with many people trying to make me have fun but ill feel so lonely and so crap i just cant do it :(

i dont know what to do anymore :( there is no hope in my life whatsoever
i feel like disappearing- i really do :(

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