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Well, to me it just sounds like she's in a boring marriage, nothing abusive. It's so easy to start thinking about having this wonderful, blissfull...smooching, hugging, having sex all the time marriage and seldom is marriage really like that. OK so she leaves him because there isn't any more romance...will she ever find that? Maybe..maybe not! Just beware of leaving to find something else that may not even be out there. That's why I suggested counciling to get out in the open how you both feel. I'm not saying this out of stupidity...I'm saying this as someone who has lived it and regretted it!!!!!!

And about the comment on my sisters children being worse if she had stayed...I suppose they could be dead...They are drug addicts and alcoholics and always when they are drunk bring it up how bad they hate her for divorcing their dad!!!! And please don't say they need counciling...they have been counciled since they were kids and go to council all the time!

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