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Ok so I (22 female) have been living with my sister who is 32. She has a kid who is 12 now and she has a boyfriend who shes been with for about 4 years. My sister and I have always been best friends. Everything was good when i first started living there we all got along great. Then her boyfriend started going through my stuff, like personal things, tell me I could'nt have company over, couldn't date anyone, couldn't bring my cats there, and omg just about everything. But it's my sisters house and makes all the money and pays every singe bill. And she has told me from day one I can have company over and bring my cats up. He doesnt work or do anything. Plus when he would get mad at my sister for leaving or taking her daughter places he would call her names as well as me. Every 4 letter word you can think of. When he would have these outburts my sister acted like she didn't care and would just ask him why he says those things. Then she would make excuses for him like well hes sorry.

This last Thursday she told me she was disappointed cause he doesnt work or pay any bills and thinks they should be a team. She plans on moving soon and said if she moves she's not taking him. This is what she has told me. She also bought a house without him knowing and keeps everything a secret from him about her money.

Well on Friday he went one another rampage and started in on the names and I went to my sister and said I was sick of it. I was sick of being called names when I don't do anything. Well he came downstairs and started yelling at me. I said it gets old. Well he got mad and said he was leaving my sister. So he packed up and left. He said as long as I lived there he wouldn't live there. But hes been over here to the house a few times since then. All my sister does is talk to him on the phone and acts all pissed and ****. But when he left she said it might be better cause maybe her daughter will be more respectful.

Well Monday Night i had a talk with her and said I'm just not happy here and I think she acts mad at me. I said if you really love him then don't let him leave. I told her I was seriously thinking about going back home to my parents house until I could get my own place. She said she doesn't want me to leave and if I left she still wouldn't let her boyfriend come back here. She said hes not moving back in.

I just am confused. Why is she being like this. Shes acting so stupid and I'm embarassed for her. She pays for the vehicle but yet he has it. SO she drives my venhicle. And I know she will still continue to pay his bills. I just don't see what she attracted to in him. Hes possessive, a user, worthless and just everything is wrong about him. He got my sister pregnant a year ago and she lost the baby at 24 weeks, he didn't even go to the funeral cause his mom didn't want him to. I'm just at a lost. Why are women like this? Gosh I'm 22 and I feel like I am more adult than she is.

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