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Caught my g/f lying
Jan 26, 2006
last weekend my girlfriend for the last year and a half went to stay with her 3 friends who live about 45 minutes away. while she was staying with them they went out to eat and her friends invited her ex bf (who they are still friends with but my gf has no contact with now) to join them. well they hung out at the restaurant for about 2 hours and then went back to the ex bfs house to watch a movie and hang out some more until 7 am. (meanwhile I had no idea where she was).

while she was gone i checked her online profile and noticed she had added her ex as one of her friends (at that point i was clueless about them hanging out). so when she got back i asked her if she had seen him over the weekend and she said she hadn't! she said they only talked on the internet for a few minutes and that was it. well she just so happened to check her messages with me looking over her shoulder and there was one from her ex saying he had a great time hanging out with her and that they should do it again, etc. well obviously i got mad over that but all she admitted at the time was the restaurant part. she completely left out hanging out at his house even when i asked her if they did anything else. so i e-mailed her ex myself the next day and thats when i found out the full extent of the story. her, her friend, and him all claim that nothing happened between them. she said the reason she lied to me is because she was afraid i'd get mad at her for being with him in the first place and that she felt bad about seeing him. unfortunately i dont know what to believe now.

i broke up with her over all this last night and i already miss her terribly. now im starting to think that maybe it was not the right thing to do. i have it in my mind that she lied maliciously in order to protect her relationship with her ex and was simply just stringing me along until they could hook back up, but my heart tells that isn't true and that what she said about not wanting to make me mad was really her intention when she lied. either way it sucks that she lied to me but i can forgive her for lying to protect my feelings even though it wasnt the right thing to do. if it was for the other reason, well then i would be extremely hurt and breaking up with her would be the right thing to do for sure. but after talking to her, her friend, and her ex they all made it clear that there was no attraction between the two and that they are strictly just friends.

i love her so much, she is my best friend and has become my life. getting over her is going to be extremely difficult and especially so when im not even sure if breaking up is the best thing for us. i guess i just want some feedback here. does anybody think that us getting back together would be ok even after what she did to me? i know i havent been a perfect boyfriend either and have lied to her before (although not about something nearly as serious as this) so maybe i should be more lenient about this? she seemed truly sorry about what she had done and promised me she wouldn't ever do it again and i believe her, i really do. but logically i keep thinking "once a liar, always a liar". i guess i just need some support and opinions on so confused.....

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