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[QUOTE]I felt uncomfortable because I am his best friend's girlfriend. I have been in situations in which I have been approached by my b/f's so-called friend. I accept their friendship and even encourage it. But misunderstandings happen all the time...[/QUOTE]

Do you mean that his friend has come onto you? Or were you talking about a previous boyfriend? I think you are right to want to have clear boundaries when it comes to a boyfriend's best friend.

I am not saying this is common, but as I said upthread my boyfriend and his friend are very close. As a result, I became very close with his friend, too. I was a bit scared when I found myself attracted to his friend, but I had nothing to worry about - my boyfriend soon encouraged me to sleep with his friend, too. The whole "sharing is caring" thing. At first it was flattering in a weird sort of in hindsight it just gives me the heebie-jeebies. So, you never know how guys think. I understand why you would be over at his apartment while he is gone. I just don't get why his [I]friend[/I] needs to be there. His friend doesn't have his own place? Now that your boyfriend has a relationship, he should probably be encouraging is friend to...well, not be around as much.

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