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[QUOTE=CrimsonClover]Well, since I was about 12 or 13 when he had his first kid, I never had much of a chance, did I?! :D

Yeah, I'm sure he'd still be writing to me if I'd replied to his Holiday Wishes. I thought about it but decided not to. Even if we could be just friends, I'd still be uncomfortable. He just wouldn't stop with the flirty "xxx", even after I told him to. I refuse to be his potential "other woman" or "secret friend". If I were his wife, I'd hate knowing that my hubby is e-mailing some female classmate while he's at work, i.e. behind my back.

Plus I need friends I can actually SEE and BE with and DO stuff with - I already have enough "pen-pals"! :rolleyes:

But hey, maybe you'll be lucky and that "friend of a friend" will break up with his woman! Do they have kids?

Anyway, even if sounds mean, I do feel the same way as you and GG. I look at other women sometimes and just go "what the heck does she have that I don't?!" :confused:[/QUOTE]

Oh, I didn't realize MM was so much older than you! In that case, you definitely didn't have a chance to get together with him before he was married LOL. I think you made the right decision not emailing him, Crimson, as it would only be frustrating for you since he cannot be your boyfriend or even a real friend. Life is so damn complicated (sigh).

Funny you would ask, but yes, unfortunately this guy I mentioned and his gf do have a child together, which makes this all the more unrealistic that I could ever be with him. He still avoids marrying her, though. Yeah, it IS just completely unrealistic, let's face it. It's weird, though, that people always think he's my boyfriend whenever we are together in the same place. Last time we were out with a bunch of people and this lady who knows the other friend came up to us and congratulated HIM, saying how lucky he was to have a girlfriend like me, and what a beautiful couple we made! :eek: We were only sitting next to each other at a reasonable distance at that--not even hugging or touching, so I don't know where she could even get that idea from. So when she said that, he didn't deny that I wasn't his girlfriend, just smiled and said "thank you." Something like that, i.e. compliments from strangers, hasn't happened since my ex-fiance, which was years ago. Ever since him, nobody ever commented what a nice couple I and my other boyfriends made, until now. Probably that's what got me thinking more than I should, but it's obviously pointless. I hate encountering all these obstacles. Wouldn't it be nice if things could just happen effortlessly and not be so complicated and downright impossible?? Oh well, I guess I should be happy someone even thought a guy like him could be my boyfriend, but it's also on some level frustrating. You know what I mean.

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