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[QUOTE=citygirl23]Oh, and I forgot to add. I always put my ex as my #1 priority- I actually put him above my family, like it seems you did, as well, because I never thought I was that close with my family. Ive always been pretty independent. My dad and I did not have a good relationship growing up, I was somewhat emotionally abused by him although it could have been MUCH worse. Anyway, I know you said your mom passed away and your dad is/was abusive- I understand what you mean by feeling like you have no one. Well, I was surprised that, when this happened for me, that my parents were actually pretty responsive to it, once I opened up to them. It shocked me, to be honest, because I didnt expect them to be- sometimes I feel that they dont know me well at all. At the very start, I felt had nowhere else to turn. I was too much of a mess to rely on my friends. My suggestion is- I know you said that you feel like an alien at your aunt's house, but maybe you could just try talking to them about it, if you haven't already? You might be surprised. If it doesnt go over well, as unfortunate as that is, then you know, and that might be even more motivation to get out when you aren't sick and find a job and new people to meet.[/QUOTE]

They do care; it's just that they don't try to understand me. When it happened I was such a mess that I came home crying (It happened late at night 10 - 11 pm). I told them what was going on: My aunt gave me a hug and told me that it was time, that I was too young to even have a boyfriend and that this should help me see the error of my ways. My uncle (my mom's little brother) didn't knew what to do. He hugged me and told me that it was going to be all right that he was here with me, so far so good, the problem with that is that he doesn't really want to get involved. He thinks that if I got into the mess I should be able to move on alone, he just asks everyday "How's everything going? Good? Ok" without really waiting for an answer. So I end up feeling more depressed. They both say that I should be over him by now.

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