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[QUOTE=rosequartz]you can attract or repel someone with your attitude
if you mope around like woe is me and you're so down and depressed without a partner, you will not attract anyone to you.....or you will attract the wrong people to you......people that know they can prey on someone with low self-esteem....
if you are happy and content with yourself, people will WANT to be around you.....

Thanks guys!! I'm really not sad today, just disappointed.

I agree with you rosequartz. It's kinda funny though. When he first started calling me, I had only been out of a BAD relationship for about 6 months, was not interested in dating, and he knew I had been hurt badly. That didn't repel him, it only made him pursue me more. I am over that, and happy with myself and my life, so what's his deal? Maybe he did think I had low self-esteem, I don't think that was the case, maybe a little insecure about relationships because of what I had been through, but I let it go and gave him a chance, only after thinking he was worth it and I could open my heart.

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