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Thanks for all the advice, I thought I'd update..

Well on friday he wanted to get his sweaters and bag for disney (even though he could of done without them, but I know he just wanted to show off with the burberry bag). Anyways, HE wanted ME to give them to his mom when i went to work (I work a few blocks away from her) haha that's funny, but that's not even the worst one. He said If I couldn't bring them to work then that I could drive down to his work and put the bag in his car after I got home from work...ok, I'm thinking no, I mean why the heck would I take time to drive down to his work, after I have been the one to have to do everything to move this break up along, to put his sweaters and bag in his car, that I helped him buy, so that he can show off and go away for the weekend with another woman? I didn't not do it just to spite him or anywathing but thats just stupid! So on the phone I said I don't know. The on friday (when he wanted his stuff) I ended up TM him saying "I don't want to nor do i feel like driving down there tonight in the rain, you can come by after work if you have to or you can wait til monday" (monday is when he was going to give me the rest of my stuff) So he ended up stopping by which I find amusing that he would go out of his way b/c he never really did many things that weren't convenient for him in our relationship, but like I said he wanted to show off and "needed those sweaters"

So that was that and I guess this weekend he went and spent the night with some other girl who by the way is still in HS and 6 years younger than him, not that age matters but in a way that kinda make him a loser!

Ok, so flash forward to today, he Ims me asking if I still want my stuff today. I don't write anything back and he calls asking if I'll be home I say yeah and he says he'll call when he's almost here to give me the rest of my stuff. So I fell asleep on the couch and the next thing I knwo he's here and my phone never rang. So he brings my stuff in, but the funny thing is he brought his friend with him... HAHA i mean give me a break he couldn't even come by himself to bring those few things, he probably brought his friend so he wouldn't have to stay or so i wouldn't try to talk to him, but its so pathetic that he had to bring his friend with him, seriously! Then i said I though you were gonna call and he says he did but there's nothing on my phone so who knows. So he drops my stuff off says hi to our (well i guess MY) dog and they leave. It made me mad though b/c he was wearing a shirt I bought for him, i know its stupid but it kinda ticked me off, also I was kinda mad he brought a friend b/c I did want to talk to him or try to get a conversation in in person just me and him, o well.......So I hope now I finally have ALL my stuff the only things left to take care of is my CC and the cell phone....

Oh and when we broke up he said he wanted to be friends and when i talk to him on the phone the other day and called him out on that and other things he said he goes "I do but you're making it hard" .....I'm making it hard??? ok, all I am doing is not cantacting him b/c I feel like he broke up with me and if he really did want to be friends he would be calling me, and I mean he has called a few times but everytime he has called or messaged me it has been when he wanted or needed something not for a friendly convo, but I don't even know if I want to be friends with him, I don't think it would be good, not now anyways, plus he has totally changed in my eyes and he's not the same person, he might be someone I don't want to be friends with.

Also, i have had a breakthrough in that I can now call him a jerk, HAHA before I couldn't and I was always defending him but he really is, and when someone else says something bad about him ( my family trying to make me laugh) I laugh. i am not saying that I sit around all day talking bad about him with friends and family, just that now I can and I realize that right now is he acting like a jerk.

The situation with him and this girl and this girl's bf is really confusing I would tell but it would take a while. Short story is that it seems she has both her bf and my ex after her. She is still with her bf and telling him she loves him and him her, yet she is spending the night at hotels with my ex? It makes me feel bad for both the guys to think that that's is something they want or should have to deal with, they both deserve better. Her bf if he thinks that her spending the night in a hotel with my ex is ok and that if he lets her do what she wants she wont lieave him again, makes me feel ad for him. And I feel bad for ex for leaving me, who would never ever do something like that or anything to ever intentionally hurt him, for a girl who can't make up her mind about her bf or my ex but is still with her bf yet staying in hotels with my ex and playing with emotions. I think my ex may get a broken heart out of this b/c she already left her bf once for a few days then got back with him. And I know this doesn't even matter and doesn't concern me, and i glad it doesn't b/c it's stupid and sounds like HS (HAHA, she is in HS), but it is just weird and i really do feel bad if this (what I think is oging on) is really going on.

well I think that's it, I might have missed something, if so I'll edit

Any comments, questions, advice, whatever? Keep posting, i am trying to get stronger, reading your posts help!

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