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Well my fiance gets upset with his brother if he ever disrespects me. He tells him that he MUST be respectful with us. The thing is, my fiance and his family grew up in one of the worst cities. So my fiance wanted to get him out of there because his brother was starting to get into trouble. And yes, his brother does not get along with their father either, and my fiance says he has no reason not to. Because his father has never been even mean to him. So he is just an angry kid. My fiance has a reason to be upset and angry with his father, because of so many reasons, and yet he is not. He turned out pretty well, his brother turned out disrespectful, etc.

Some days we get along fine, and his brother wants to talk to me, and other days he is all b*tchy with me and with my fiance. My fiance is about to kick his booty. He has yelled at him before to knock it off, and stop being stupid, and they have fought, and the thing is his brother always plays the victim I think. Ohhhh.. you never spend time with me, you always spend time with her.. she is always around.. (well duh, I own half that house) I go to work during the week, and I get home after both of them, so they have at least 2 hours a day without me around during the week, and sometime they have like 5 hours together. But the weekends I like to spend with my SO. He just cannot have that.. I think he is jealous of the time we do spend together, and I think that should not be my problem. Am I wrong? Whatever they have happening is between them, and I do not want to hear about it. I really am upset that his brother told my fiance one day, that he really dislikes me and cannot stand me, but then 2 days later he started talking to me again and joking around. It is not like I have a problem with them hanging out either, you know? I am all for it, but when his brother jokes around, he is like oh we should go pick up some girls and go party. That is not what I think of brothers hanging out. I think his brother says things like that on purpose too, you know? Just to get me all upset, or at least my eyebrows lifted. HORMONES I tell you. Ahhhhhhh!

I just think that one, his brother thinks he knows better than us, gets mad at us if we buy something for the house, but does not mind if his brother buys him a game. You know? I heard my fiance telling him the other day about our finances saying, oh I am buying this tank but I have plenty of money to cover it. Like his brother thinks we are bad with money or something. We have made it this far... I think it is none of his business, and my fiance shared a little bit too much. You know???? Now if he was at least paying us rent, then I would not have so many problems with him. But because he just started college, and because he just started working part time again, the only thing he is paying for is his car. I do not mind, because we can pay our mortgage with no problems, but when people who are living for free thinks that what they say should go above everyone elses, then there is a problem. Like we do not touch his room, but the rest of the house we do with how we like. We still ask his opinion about big decisions we make, it is not like we are rude about it. He got upset when we made our living room and kitchen look like a couple lives there, a woman's touch, instead of a bachelor pad you know? He was all mad. But it is not a bachelor pad, you know? Our apartment looked like a bachelor pad, our house does not. My sister wanted to get a place with me too and have us live together too, but it did not happen. She is a little bitter but she won't get mad at my bf. They need to understand that we are not single anymore... and things you do and act like when you are single you cannot do when you are almost married. Like inviting a ton of girls over to party with of which whom I do not know, that bothers me, because they start flirting with my SO, etc.

See my fiance have been through alot, and we have enough of our own problems, that we do not need his brother causing more. The most problems my siblings cause are fighting with my parents and my parents calling me to call my sibs and talk to them. Am I being unreasonable? I did not mind at first that we let him stay there for free, because if my sister needed a place to stay we would not make her pay either, but after a month -three, we would ask her to pay for her own food, and contribute what she could?

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