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Ok, I know quite a few of you responded to my problem with the girl coming back into my fiances life, trying to convince him to go back to her. Well.. I wil still keep you updated on that. And thank you all for giving me advice. It really helps when other people out there try and help me out with talking to me. I sometimes cannot turn and tell my parents everything, they would always hold it against him. You know?

Anyway, here is my problem that has been going on for about 5-6 months. As I said we bought a home, and we have his brother living with us. His younger 18 year old brother in fact. Now I understand teens at this age I have a baseball team of siblings. The oldest two are 20s and 18. NowI would have no problem with his brother, but he does not respect neither my fiance nor myself. Especially me.

Lately his brother has been complaining that my fiance is not spending enough time with him. I know for a fact that they do spend a nice amount of time together, maybe not as much as he wants, but they do spend time together. Now his brother is trying to blame me, well partly it is my fault because my fiance likes to go out with me, BUT we ALMOST always take him along. Here is the problem with this though. His brother has a horrible, stuck up, I know better than all of you attitude, and it drives me crazy. His brother will start whining about everything.

Now I guess my fiance left for school at 18. They are 7 years apart so his brother was 11 then. Now I guess my fiance did not spend too much time with his brother during those years. I know that he would see him a few times a month every month, and sometimes bring him up to his school for a week or two at a time. But he was not really there for him all of the time. Plus my bf was quite the lady charmer so almost always he had a gf. Now, when we started dating almost 4 years ago. I lived 2000 miles away. We only saw one another MAYBE once a month. That was hard. Sometimes we would go 2 months without seeing eachother, but it was how it went. Now I have only lived with my fiance for a year and a half, I have only lived in the same state for a year and a half. Now his brother is complaining that I am taking ALL of his brothers time away from him. I have no problem with my fiance hanging out with his brother. My sister has not seen me in a year, and she does not complain. She misses me but is not blaming my fiance.

Let me give you an example. The other day, my day off and my fiances. We spent the morning together, went out to breakfast, and then went out for a little while. Now his brother gets out of school in the early afternoon, so they were going to hang out. My fiance asks him to hang out.. he is grumpy and declines, so my fiance takes me with him shopping etc. We drive around a few places etc. Now his brother calls and says hey I want to see what you are buying, so my fiance is like meet us *here*. He comes and of course I am there, then he walks up to his brother while I am looking at and is all mad.. "I thought WE were only going to hang out, why is she always with you" Then this morning, my fiance goes and asks are you going to want *this* you want to go to the store with me. He declines again, so my fiance asks me to go, I do not want to say no, because weekends are the only time we spend time together. We go. We return and want to place something we picked up in our kitchen, (fish tank thing) because his brother did not want it. So his brother comes in and is like.. oh that is ugly why are you wanting to put it there.. blah blah blah. So then he decides he wants it again, after we went and paid for it.

Now this kid is now living rent FREE. He has not paid us a dime in 4 months! We were paying his car payment until last week, because he did not want to work, and quit the job we got for him. Now I know my fiance feels bad about them not spending time together, but I am not the one to blame. Maybe now, but we are looking to get married, we need to spend time I think, and keep communication together. I just wish his brother would not be so negative on everything. Anything my honey wants to do for the house his brother is like oh you guys are stupid, why do you want that.. we are like because it is our house, and this is how we want to decorate it.. EVERYTHING out of his mouth is negative, and then what we decide as a couple does not happen. We like to buy little things for the house here and there.. and his brother gets po'ed. It is not his money, he really has NO say what goes into OUR house. At least I think so... and even once about a month and a half ago his brother told my fiance that he does not like me, he cannot stand me and I did not say anything. I want by the time we are married this kid out of our house. It is making me upset and leaves me in a bad mood for days when he smarts off. I make and effort not to hang out with my fiance quite a bit, esp. most Saturdays he hangs out with his best guy friend and his brother, sometimes at our place, but I sit in my office doing work while they hang out in the other room. I do not go in there on purpose so they can have their guys night.

I do have a problem when his brother wants to go to wild parties with half naked women, and gets mad cause my fiance does not do that stuff anymore. He needs to see that we are not his age... my fiance has grown out of the single stage, and now his brother wishes he was still there. What do I do??

If it is not one thing it is something else...

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