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I'm not sure how to make my story any shorter so please bear with me and try to read it..

Basically, I have been working in this pet store for about 3 years and I'm 17 years old. Over the summer we hired a new girl who is 16 and we quickly became friends. We would hang out pretty much once a week outside of work since we don't go to the same school. We would also stay up late tlaking on the phone all the time also.

We went to see two movies together as friends and on the second one, after the movie we hung out in the parking lot for an hour just talking. Then I drove her home and we talked in my car about really personal things. Then I was invited inside her house (which I have been in before) and we watched tv. Then she followed me out to my car and we talked again. Earlier she took my keys because I have a thing on it which is fun to play with and wouldn't give them back. We would play this game where we tell each other to tell you something and we would usually give stupid answers. Like if I said tell me something, she would say I have 5 eyes or something dumb.

But she kept asking me to tell her something so I just blurted it out and said I liked her. Then we kissed. (which was my first kiss). From then on we went out for 3 months and fell in love. Although right around chrismas she started acting strange. She said she couldn't go out for our 3 month aniversity because she had to go somewhere with her mom, and later on she always had a reason why we couldn't hang out.

I just let them pass untill one day I asked if she still likes me (via text message) and she said she still loves me but she can't have a boyfriend right now cause she is having emotional problems. Once a day she gets a panic attack or something and cant control her emotions. Her mom said she needs to get help.

It didn't occur to me that she wanted to break up untill a week later when I asked her to come over and she said she can't. And she just needs me to be a friend.

We don't work in the same store anymore because she got transfered to another pet store. A couple days later after we broke up she wasn't responding to any of my text messages. All my friends (girls and guys) told me to give her space.

I let three weeks go by and I was very depressed. Everyone was telling me I need to get over her and move on. And that we would never be together again..

A couple days ago I sent her a message online asking how she is doing and told her I am there for her. She said she values my friendship and doesn't want to lose that. But said nothing about us being together.

I have been trying really hard not to think about her and to move on but I can't. She was my first girlfriend and as hard as I try I can't stop loving her. Right now we are just friends, but I still don't understand what happened and don't know what to do. We rarely see each other right now too cause we sork in different stores and go to different schools.

Does anyone have any advice or know what might have happened between us? When she broke up with me she said I was the best boyfriend that she ever had so I really don't understand why we can't be together.

I feel bad giving up on our love, but my friend (who is a girl) said its the best thing to do.

Please help

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