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A same sex friend, people!!! And I am SO not even close to being gay, so what's the deal? He's young, and I recently found out he can be real immature--but this is strange!! Boyfriend said last night, "You're closer with her than you are with me. You tell her more than you tell me. You are happy to see her, talk and laugh--you guys are like totally up each others a$$es!"

I told him, laughing and making fun of him, that that was ridiculous. That my friend is nice, and we get along, enjoy talking, where he is quiet--enjoy going out, having dinner--when he just wants to party, and she is very caring and supportive, where he is really, really lacking and that I have always had good girlfriends in my life---from childhood. We rely on each other, share hopes and dreams, and problems--which HE does NOT like to hear about at all.

This girl is very out spoken and calls a spade a spade. She has told him in no uncertain terms, that she has made a wonderful friend in me the last few months, and whatever happens btw me and him--we are remaining friends. If that's awkward for him--too bad, he can stay home b/c "we like her better that we like you anyway." She said it kinda joking, but she has given hima hard time in the past about his treatment of me and his moodiness and told him he is an idiot for not growing up and realizing what he has in me, and that he will lose me and he deserves it. OK---so she's kinda harsh--but she's known him a long time and she has formed an opinion that I can't say is off base w/ him.

He would never say I couldn't hang out with her or something, but I think if he could possibly get away with it, (which he SO can't w/ me--major, major deal breaker, and he knows it--not w/ her personally--but with any friend) He would not want me to be friends with her. Is this immaturity, jealousy or an attempt at CONTROL---eeewww, my worst, worst enemy!!!

Seriously, last night, it came up again. He was like, "You were laying back on her during the superbowl like you guys are gay for each other or something!" I cracked up and said, "SHe was teaching Elizabeth how to french braid, you idiot! OMG!!! Then we were looking at her pics from her trip to Jamaica, playin with the baby, and you were off doing your thing with your guy friends too!" We were laughing, but I swear it bothered him a lot. Very shorty afterward, we had sex and I gotta tell ya people--it was 'I got somehting to prove' sex. Really---I could tell. Is he beyond weird or just an insecure baby?

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