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I have been seeing this guy for about 8 weeks and it has been going great. He has so many of the qualities that I have been looking for. Sometimes I think he is so wonderful that I don't deserve him. We have so much fun together and he is the sweetest ever. I feel we connect on a lot of levels. however, I just found out he is going back to school out of state for two years. He won't be leaving for 8 months, but I am alittle nervous. I totally support it and think he should continue his education, however, two years is a long time and it makes me nervous about the future. What if he decides to break it off before going to school? He said that he planned on coming home every weekend, but that doens't seem logical. He is going to keep his apt. in texas, where we live (not together), though. I feel like this is someone who I really feel I could have a great relationship with, but I am not sure. I do believe that supporting this journey is the right thing to do and keep my insecurities at bay, because I believe in supporting other's journies, but I am nervous on the inside. Any advice for the time being except to stop stressing. we are dating each other, but haven't stated the boyfriend/girlfriend title yet. Even though he may leave, I don't want to rush into a commited relationship, I want it to grow naturally if its meant to be. Any advice would be helpful!


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