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[QUOTE=WhyIsThisMyLife]Music, I respect your opinion, but there are a lot of men that are emotionally supportive just like there are women who are not so. If something is insensitive for a woman to do, it is insensitive for a man to do. I don't make allowances based on someone's genitalia. I wouldn't stand for that from my sister or my best girlfriend and I'm not going to stand for that from my husband. He is there to be my best friend. Right now, I'm too embarrased to tell my family and girlfriends about my problems. If I tell anyone it will be him. My timing was off and it made a bad situation worse. Right now, I don't feel like I am ready to tell him. It still is hard for me to bring it up. It's very embarrasing, but I know I want to be off of this stuff and have it out of my system in case I do get pregnant.[/QUOTE]
Please keep in mind that there is no absolute scale for insen****vity. Some people are very thick skinned and others very, very thin skinned and easily hurt. There is no way for any one person to know or even sense when each person is feeling they are being insen****ve. The feeling you have is expeiienced by you as the receiver, not by your husband who has no idea you are internalizing his reaction this way. You cannot blame others for insen****vities all the time as we are each so different in what it is that will make us feel this way and since we are all so differnt in this, we cannot expect anyone to know where we are on that scale of easily offended to hardly ever offended.

Purposeful insen****vity is one thing. I don't think this falls in that category. People deserve the right to know when someone is feeling as you were feeling so they can understand and perhaps modify how they react.

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