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I feel really bad for that girl. It seems like she has seriously low self-esteem, if she feels the need to be constantly hanging on a guy, any guy, even one whose girlfriend is in the room.

That is an uncomfortable position to be in. I'm sure he didn't want to be rude and shove her away, exclaiming "What are you doing, you psycho?!" But still, there is no excuse for letting her do that. He could have found a tactful way to squirm out of her grip or else stand up and make an excuse about going to the bathroom or getting a drink or something. Or made some kind of joke about how his girlfriend being right there, so the other girl would hopefully get the message.

But the fact that he doesn't let you touch him at all in public yet will let another girl get away with hanging on him is really odd. Maybe it is just that he is closer to you so he feels okay communicating his feelings. Maybe he was afraid of insulting this friend of yours. Did he look really uncomfortable when she was hanging on him, or did he seem to not mind?

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