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My point about Sara is that since she has a boyfriend but at the same time flirts with and leads on a male friend, it does not sound like she is someone who has much respect for relationships. Say that the two of you did become a couple. What is going to stop her from building up a flirtatious relationship with another adoring male friend? The way someone treats the SO they have is likely the same way they'll treat you if you start dating them. Having the attention of a boyfriend isn't enough, she needs supplemental attention from male friends, too. Is that something you think you could deal with?

[QUOTE] For instance, I could have easily told Natalie that Will had a girlfriend. [/QUOTE]

Yes, but...even when she did find out, it didn't stop her from sleeping with him again. Just because someone has a SO, that isn't necessarily going to stop them...sound familliar? Sometimes, it will make the person even more attractive.

It was really nice of you to send the flowers, it definetly seemed to brighten up her day. Asking her to dinner couldn't hurt...

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