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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Hey [COLOR=Magenta]goody2shuz[/COLOR] :) I just replied to [COLOR=Magenta]GypsyArcher[/COLOR]'s post before I read yours and it's funny that you tell me to stop trying to save girls. From what I just said about Natalie and the gesture with the flowers, the obvious interpretation is that that is what I am trying to do :( I think it's something that is engrained in me, though :( I don't mind admitting that I [I]want[/I] to come across as better than the average (twenty-something) guy because I refuse to conform to their debased standards. But that's because I know a relationship is a million times better when it is intensified by a solid base of friendship.[/COLOR][/FONT]

[QUOTE=goody2shuz]It actually nauseates me this whole holiday in which guys with girlfriends are cheating and girls are making it easy for them to do so!!! I don't which is worse but I think you are looking for love in all the wrong places & in all the wrong faces!!! :nono:

The girl for you is one that doesn't lower her standards in the first place and looks for someone to rescue her. Stop being the's time someone rescued YOU!!! Any girl or situation that leaves you crying isn't even worth it.

Your trip sounds more like Spring Break on the Alps minus the sunshine!!![/QUOTE]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]I agree with everything you say here. There were times at the dinner table when I just had to leave. I stand by Will and Mark being my mates but it's more by chance than design that I socialise with them. They are James's friends and we all enjoy clubbing and doing things like snowboarding. But sometimes I hate their attitude, as does James. Will is a bit more concieted but Mark openly refers to his conquests (forty plus at the age of 24) as girls he has "nailed". He later told us about his arrangement with a sixteen year-old whom he has coerced into agreeing to be his "sex buddy". Before the holiday he said that if he couldn't "get laid" he would pay for sex, which he referred to as "a business transaction". He and Will actually visited a strip club on Monday evening and Natalie found out (because Mark announced it). I could see that she wanted to condemn their behaviour, but she was obviously too into Will at that point.

Whether you believe it or not I am welling up with tears at the thought visiting a strip club, let alone paying for sex :( It cuts me up that the poverty of a country like Bulgaria forces women to demean themselves in such a way. I was out snowboarding in a vest and four girls came over to me promoting a strip club. They were amazed that I was only wearing a vest (I was hot from running up the nursery slopes, trying to get the hang of turning properly) and they all fawned over me, touching my skin. They said I could come to the strip club for more. I told them I wouldn't be going and they look surprised. I said I didn't need to so one of them said "Oh, you have a girlfriend?". I told her that I didn't and I wanted to explain why I didn't want to go but they wouldn't have understood. The whole episode upset me so much because those girls were younger than me and looked over-tired and bruised behind their make-up.

I don't know why I am so sensitive towards the treatment of women and relationships in general. My parents are happily married (most of the time) and I haven't been the victim of abuse. I just feel that something worth having must be worth striving or even fighting for. If a girl tried to take me to bed after a few hours or even a few days, I would have to decline. I would far sooner talk to her and hold her than waste the chance of such intimacy with shallow sex. I want to look back on my life and be able to say that I didn't give myself away cheaply and treated people with the kind of respect that I expect them to extend to me. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like there are many girls out there that share that patience, at least in the places I look. I'm thoroughly depressed now.[/COLOR][/FONT]

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