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I don't think you need to hide your feelings, & I can see no reason why you'd have to. Just be yourself. Nothing is more beautiful than the true you
IMNRVUS you know in my side, it took me really 3yrs before i met someone.Even after 3yrs i met somebody, still i can't gave myself 100%,i still feel depressed over what happened with my last relationship even now.
Like you i was in touch with my ex but every now and then we keep on arguing blaming whose fault,who made mistake first and why our relationship went like this.Any way because of all the arguing,i stoped communicating with him about 5month ago now. I really love this person the first time in my life! but i know or we both know that we can't get back together ,so what i do now is i cancelled all the communication with him even its hard to lose communication.i tried to lose it cause i want to go forward,coz really if i still communicate with him, the more i keep thinking of him and hardly go forward.Now i just put everything as charge of experience.

I think,maybe better for you to move on and don't look back with the past. I really don't know if its best for you to just cancell your communication with her so to help you a little bit not to think on her much and not feel so confuse.Just think that your not really for each other.Try to help yourself and start new again.It might really take more times for you to recover your feel but its ok,just take time.

your question[COLOR=RoyalBlue]"After break-ups, how do you meet new people without showing how bad you feel?" [/COLOR] Well for me,after 3yrs being down,i really tried to date again,i was honest to a new friend of mine that im dealing problems emotionally,I did not hid the fact that i feel bad, infact having intimate with him physically really helped alot my depression feelings just to be honest.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]"when you are recently (or not so recently) broken-up, and still can't get them out of your head (or your heart)... AND it shows... what do you do?" [/COLOR] I will just say hello to him or her,its pitty but i will just think like this, that we are not for each other.

Ps,Like other Post said,just be honest to whoever you date with....The best you can do!
Good luck to you! and i wish you all the best!!!!


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