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Yes, GA some of his family have unfortnately got issues: they want him to be comply all the time, and to be grateful for their plans. All except for his dad and his brother-in-law who is Italian and doesn't seem to have had a great experience with his in-laws either.
And he definitely has got issues, magnified by his passive personality.

Hi Sophia,I wish I could focus on something productive, like watching a film
I also feel so messed up, and this is supposedly exactly what his ex wants. First,she booked a flight and gave them a definite date, then she rang his mum and said that she had cancelled her visit due to the lack of cash!!! Then, she called his sister and told her that she has been so generous to have cancelled and let Dave enjoy his dad's birthday (which I don't believe, because she could have stayed in a hotel or at her friend's in that particular night). Then she promised her to turn up tonight?

She cancelled today too! The fact is that she is tormenting him and inflaming his desire to see his son, by setting his hopes high then frustrating him! He just came back and he was in extreme pain, he said that he had a terrible time, that his sister didn't bother to give him a lift and that he had to change 3 trains and pay 60 pounds for a taxi! He said that he stayed there 20 minutes only.
This of course doesn't make it any better except for the fact that I can put my tension to sleep for one night at least and until they re-arrange her visit. This will never know an end.
In bed, he was literally crying and saying that he misses his son so bad, that my heart really broke for him. He never cried in 3 years. I told him that it's not in my hands but I am willing to give him my credit card if he wants to book flights there. I lit a candle for him, put some music, and made him a hot tea. What eslse can I do? It's not in my nature to rejoice at other people's sorrows and I do hate seeing him cry, but I also hate this mental abuse inflicted on me. He asked me to ring his dad and re-assure him that he's got here fine but I refused because his dad was still at his sister's. I will NEVER get in contact with them again.
My intentions are still the same, because I know that trouble won't end. I am not being unfair on him, am I? He made me lose trust and confidence and control....And these are all I want. Do you guys think that I am too obsessed, insecure or demanding? because this is his view!

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