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[QUOTE=rosequartz]Hiya - How many people have hit you? This sounds a little odd.....
Also, how big is your survey group.....
so you are saying that 8 out of 10 men/boys you have known have hit you?
is that 8 out of 10?
is that 80 out of 100?
I do not believe in blaming the victim....ever, but what kind of situations are you finding yourself in where you are getting hit this much?
It just doesn't make sense.[/QUOTE]

I'm talking over the course of my lifetime, from the very start of interacting with other people. I got beat up a lot in elementary and junior high school. There was one group of boys, about 6 or 7 of them in my class, who would circle me on the playground and take turns beating me up. And there were other boys who weren't part of that group but who punched or kicked or hit me in some way. I don't count the lighter "I'm just teasing" punches or shoves. But I am counting my father and both my brothers, though with my father it was just spanking, hard enough to where I couldn't sit down for a while, and out of anger as much as it was out of teaching me a lesson. I didn't interact with the opposite sex much at all throughout college and in my 20s, but then I did get a boyfriend, my only boyfriend in my whole adult life, and toward the end of the relationship he got angry with me and he hit me, not with his hand or fist, but with a church kneeler. And my friend, a mutual friend of mine and the ex, has gotten mad enough to put his fist through his ex's windshield, and he also got in a fight with another ex who shoved him, and he said if she had hurt him he would have punched her, and he did shove another woman he dated, and when he got so mad at me, I was thinking he would break my windshield, as we were in my car at the time, or hit me. That's just been my experience with men. Though most of my bad experiences were years ago and with boys, not men, and boys are very immature and don't know how to behave appropriately, so that factors into it as well. It's a bit of hyperbole to say I believe today that 80% of grown men out there will in fact beat a woman if given the chance, that's a bit much, but I think probably the majority of them will if they get mad enough. Plus, there's the shock. I had one shrink say I suffered from post traumatic shock disorder or something. Whenever anyone gets mad at me, I tend to mentally duck still.

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