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in my first marriage which lasted 4 years i had this problem. The smallest things set me off... let me tell you something... it ruined it.... he needs to calm down and respect you and MOST of all by not using the b word.... i dont think males understand how hurtfull that word can be. Its totally inappropriate and uincalled for. Calling names does not help at all.

I would truly honestly ask him what his intentions in this relationship are. I think he needs to understand how bad he is hurting your feelings. But at the same time you said you get short tempered as well... maybe it is something both of you can work on together. Take up a good hobby together. My girlfriend and i live 800 miles apart... she is having a problem with her sone right now and has asked me to kinda slow things down with her a bit. I was very hurt the first couple fo days... but people ont hsi web site and my family AND HER have made me feel a whole lot better... her and i have had the wonderfull ways of avoiding this stuff by taking up a hobby.... we do spebnd time together and when we feel its a little on edge.... well go to the movie store and rent a movie and watch it together over the phone lol... sounds crazy but its SO much fun and it clears our minds. then we go back talk about our problem and whamo its gone... that does not mean it works for everyone.

Work on the temper thing with yourself.... and let him know he needs to work on dont want to live your life on eggshells and neither does he. And both of you deserve the best from one another and that is no way to give it.

Good luck and hope it works!


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