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Hi everyone, :wave:
i am having some problems with bf of 3 years and i need some advice...
asi say we have been going out 3 years and do love each other but his attitude/anger is really getting to me latley,its not only affecting our relationship but making me feel really bad also.
he has always been hot headed and will get really worked up over the sillyest things(s'pose i am a bit like that too!) anyway he seems to be flying off the handle alot lately for little or no reason. il give you an example of something that happened today so you will understand what i mean;
I phoned him today and we were talking, he was telling me a story about some kind of dissagreement he is havinig with a friend of his, i was genuinley agreeing with what he was saying and then he said something funny(well at least i thought it was!) and i laughed...well he got really angry and called me a ***** and hung up the phone! i called him back and he was really annoied and saying i was laughing AT him (i was actually laughing at what he said) so as he was giving out and wouldnt let me explain so i hung up and i texted him saying ''i wasnt laughing AT you it was just funny the way you said that...whats up with you''.
he didnt reply.......... :nono:

what do you guys make of that?i think he totally over reacted and this is just one example of the way he has been acting,there are ALOT more. Every time i ask him what is wrong or is everything ok he says of course it is and seems to be in a good mood then..............i just dont understand this and the obvious thing would be to point out to him what i can see going on and find out what is wrong with him but as you can probably imagine he is VERY hard to talk to at the moment....and i almost dont want to ask him things as he is getting so annoied like this..thats not how it should be is it?--me walking around on eggshells to avoid upsetting him??????:confused:

i do love him and he loves me (well he says i love you all the time so he must!)I dont want to end our relationship and we do live together so this is really difficult at the moment.........
please guys has anyone any insight into this? any suggestions/comments ANYTHING???

Thanks! :wave:

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