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I don't know a lot of your story, just what I have just read. But reading between the lines its sounds to me like his ex is using their child as blackmail. I reckon his ex is jealous of the new relationship he has with you, and is basically saying your not seeing your child unless your interested in seeing me too! Although that is probaly not what shes saying, just her actions seem to be. The fact your boyfriend is blaming you, is that subconsiously he knows that is what is going on, and is blaming you. Although it is by no means your fault, he knows it is because of you being with him, the problem is there, but this would be the case with absolutely every female he was to go out with, until she gets over him! This guy has been incredibly wound up by this obvioulsy nasty ex, that he is taking it out on you. When he has calmed down and thinking more rational, he will know it is not your fault, just his ex not allowing him to move on with his life, and causing problems with your relationship! she is obviously succeeding with him turning on you like that. She is upsetting a lot of people, and the poor child I feel for the most.

Maybe your boyfriend should think about getting access rights, where he can pick up the child etc and not have to deal with this woman.

How long have you been together?

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