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ok i had another thread ;please help me figure out what is wrong; anyway this is the updated version i guess..

i was sick of my bf (of 3 years by the way) treating me like crap so i decided to end things as he didnt give me any other choice, he wouldnt talk to me about what was going on and was constantley angry and had me upset and walking around on egshellls to avoid upsetting him and i think i deserve better than that so i went home last night and told him how i was feeling and said i would be moving out...first he was..........ok i suppose...then i left and went up to him later to try and talk about it as he didnt want to talk earlier(whats new though) so anyway i went up and started to trry and talk to him, i just didnt want us to end on bad terms ,after all we were together a long time. well he got really angry and said he would leave right now...(this is late at night by the way :confused: ) so he started getting really annoied and calling me names and being really hurtfull and cruel so i just decided i had had enough of keeping my mouth shut and being treated like garbage so i said things to him too..then he hit me,kicked me,spat at me and trashed the house. i threw him out eventually............. :eek:
i just dont know what to do am totally shocked.........he always had a short temper but i never knew he would do something like that to me. i dont love him anymore and we are over for good and to be honest the way he has treated me the past few months (and yesterday beating me up) i really wont miss being around him he has ruined itall himself.all i ever did was try my very best to make him we decided to try for a baby not so long ago..... :eek: And actually just as i rembered that i think my period may be a little late also.........................................UGGGGggggghhhhhhh :confused:
but he has already begun telling people that what happeded was my fault and I was the one who went crazy.......which is a complete lie anyway..i mean i have the goddam bruises to prove it but i think he is telling people that he had tp restrain me........what a joke and normally i wouldnt care but i just dont need this...what has happeded is hard enough to deal with withoout him making it worse..........................

has anyone any advice on what i can do...i am over him so i dont need to deal with that i just feel really weird i dont know what to think or do. :confused: ...i know it probably doesnt make any sense so sorry for that but just if anyone has any advise i would really appriciate it

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