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[QUOTE=Murray67980]My ex's B-day is tomorrow! hahaha
Must be something with these Pieces guys that made them all feel like dumping us at the same time.... (I know, not funny. But pretty ironic!)

Stupid losers! (I'm feeling bitter today) ;)

I'm not getting him anything or sending him anything. I will see him in the office and just tell him I hope he has a nice B-day, and thats that. I don't want to know what his plans are...
But his mom's B-day is next week and I was thinking of sending her a card.
Were any of you guys really close with your ex's families? I was and I'm having a really hard time deciding whether I should contact them or not. I sometimes wonder if his mom is actually hurt that I haven't contacted her... I thought maybe a nice B-day card saying "Happy Birthday and I will miss you and I'm sorry things worked out this way..." bla bla bla.... What do you guys think?
I feel bad not ever speaking to them again after feeling like they were my family.
But then again, I suppose if she really wanted to, she could contact me. I just wonder what he even told them... He's not very good at communication and I have a feeling that his whole family might think I was the one who walked away...

Ok, I need to stop worrying about it. I know. I just miss my life.[/QUOTE]

Yes, funny in a horribly ironic way!

Yup, I was really close to my ex's family, heck I was family in their eyes and it has been really hard b/c not only do i miss my ex I miss his family too. As far as the first I still talked to his mom and saw his family a few times after the break up (I went over on x-mas and when i got my stuff) but now I think it is just too hard for me to remain in contact with them b/c of course whenever i talk to or see them I am going to be reminded about my ex and how much I liked his family. And yes, I do feel bad too, but sometimes you just gotta do whats best for you. I have changed my number b/c I had to get a new cell and I did not tell his family nor did I put any of their numbers in it. I feel really bad for this one since his mom has called me a few times since we broke up and always says that if I don't want her to call she won't, but it's kinda hard to say ok don't ever call me again.....she has other ways of contacting me if she needs to , but I hope I didn't hurt her by doing that it's just too hard for me, esp. since my ex is already seeing someone maybe could have worked if he didn't turn out to be a jerk and I could've stayed friends with him and his family ( funny thing when we broke up and his mom asked if we would still talk I said yeah but that I wasn't positive b/c of how much it would hurt when my ex got a new gf or something, but I really wasn't expecting that to happen after a week!). So yes we were close, and I feel bad not talking to them, but it would really be hard for me and would hurt me and I would never be ableto move on. I just think about what my mom sayd that when I find the one I am sure I will fall in love with his family, too.

Also, kinda off topic, but another thing my mom said that I am hoping is true. she said that when I find someone I really really love and show them that I love them by being affectionate and showing my feelings and they reciprocate the affection and also show their feelings, that that love will be so much better than anything I ever felt or thought I felt for/with my ex. does that make sense, I think it does? i mean love that is reciprocated and made-known has got to be better than love that is not reciprocated that has become complacent and just comfortable, right? I try to remember that and it helps but it's STILL hard, and I still miss him sometimes.....

Again, sorry to get off topic, but I remembered that and wanted to share before I forgot!

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