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Shes all here now.Shes really sweet like before and swears it was her just being imature and not thinking clearly.Now the tables have turned and Im moaping around and upset all the time.I told her Im going to end up driving her away because the thought of you lieing about cheating is making me crazy.

I agree with the marriage counsler.In fact I just called a couple about an hour ago.

Im by no means a saint in our relationship.I havent cheated or anything but weve been together for 11 years and Ive had anger issues.Theres alot to be told about our relationship and lifes and why there not like others peoples.We really missed out on our childhood.We got married very young because I had gotten her pregnant and I made the stand and married her hoping to raise my family like normal.

About the P.I.Well its over if there was anything.I mean he doesnt work there anymore and my wife comes home on time and everything.Were living with her mom for the time being saving up to move out.I just dont know if I want to go through with everything with the possablitly of her cheating on me last month.I love her more than life, but Im sick of the games.
I agree. Telling you to take her word for it isn't enough. You both need to be in counseling to work through all the issues if you intend to try to make this marriage work. You admit you have anger issues, and she's cheated before. The two of you, no matter how much you may love each other, can't deal with this problem on your own. You need the help of a professional who can teach you what you didn't learn while growing up. How to manage your anger and the way the two of you handle conflict, and for your wife, how to gain control of her impulses. And that's just the beginning. The two of you will have to learn communication skills (and it [I]is [/I]a skill). I'm so glad you decided to make the call. You two have a very dysfunctional relationship right now, but a good counselor can help you learn how to turn that around.
I'm sorry but I would never take a lie detector test for anyone.

If it takes a lie detector test to solve a problem in a relationship, in my opinion, it's a relationship that will never be worth being in.
This isn't what relationships are about.

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