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In comparison to many peoples relationship problems on this board mine seems like nothing, but i have no1 else to talk to and was just hoping that some of you more experienced people can help me..
I have a boyfriend whom i have been with for about a year. He is 19 and im in my last year of high school. He is very 'mature' for a 19 year old so much so that he's talking about 'setteling down' already! He is the type of 19 year old who is very old fashioned and would rather have a few quiet beers with 'his' mates then go to a party or even to the movies.
If i was to psyco analyse myself i would probably say that the reason i am with him is a comfort thing, he is ALOT like my father. And i feel as though i am forcing myself to love him because he adores me so much.
The thing is there is this 'other' guy who is 5 months younger then me, which actually makes him a whoile grade younger then me (he's in year 11). We have always had a close relationship and a bit of a 'thing' for each other since he was in year 8. We kissed one time when we were away together a few years ago. We have our sporting interests in common. He wanted a relationship a year ago but i always thought he was to immature, like mentally he was too young. But at the end of last year and this year so far, he has grown up alot, he is more focused on what he wants and he is willing to wait for me. He is the kind of guy that likes to go to the beach, parties (but never do drugs or anything) He is a genuine SWEETHEART!
SO whats the problem?? The stupid school problem (everyone seems to have a problem with girls being with younger guys). I personally dont care coz we both know that its only 5 months difference. (im born in October 1989, and he's born in March 1990).
WHAT DO I DO>??!!! Stay with my current boyfriend and risk regretting not having my youth, or go for the younger guy and risk the bad comments??? (i got plenty of bad comments going out with an older guy too, so i spose it wont b much different?)

I know this is long but if anybody takes the time to read it please give me feed back on what you think i should would be really appreciated. thanku, milly

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