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hello everyone , heres my story .. i kno this gurl shes beautilful smart brilliant but there r things about her that i dont like ... but i sumtimes felt that i cud go out with her but for a couple of months , more like a short term relationship but i think she wants more like a long term one .. so i never really bothered asking her out , i really do like her but as a friend shes really nice to talk to and she understands me really well but shes really moody i think and she has dated a dozen of guys wich i think is a majot turn off about her and well to think of it now i really dont think shes my type but yeh i do like her and i wudnt tho want to spend my life with her but a couple of months wud make me feel good
so we met couple of yrs ago and since that day we had or atleast i thought she was hitting on me but then i already had a girlfriend so i never considered her and also because she i thought wasnt my type and i wud really end up fighting ewith her we start seeing each other but l8er we went on to become good friends she used to talk about most of her self and i hardly use to say n e thing lol but n e way then came a major gap and we met after few months and wen we did i still remember how she was excited to see me , she was litrlly jumping!! lol and cudnt stop saying things that have happened to her all that while but n e way like old times we started talking opn the phone and then the thing i thouight was quite awkward was that she used to go on talking about SEX and i always tried to change the topic hbut she wudnt budge lol !! and around that time i remember telling her that i had already told her once but this was i thought a little more cuz i remember a yr ago i told her she wasnt my type i still like my gf etc etc but now wen the same topic came up i was like for detailed tho in like a joking way i told her that she wasnt my type i was never attracted to her (to wich she said she was never attracted to me as well ) but she kept on insisting as to wat this relationship in between us is then i just told her we are friends and that all there is then around that time i remember her telling me things about her ex well this same guy i saw her with him alot of times but then she used to insist that he wasnt her boyfriend but now l8er she she confesed that he was her boyfriend and that they broke up now and hes kinda stalking her or sumthing but she says she'll never go back to her and sumthing made me feel that she want me to kno that she wud but doesnt want to make it obvious but n e way she said it was completely over between them a

and yeh i remember wen we first met it so happened that she was talking to her firend and tell her that she likes a boy and hes sitting right beside me ...and yeh i was the only one beside her but i thought i must have heard it wrong or she must have meant sumthing else so i never really cared about it and like i said i never bothered because i already had a gf back then.. ok so now well even now she thinks i luv my ex and we only parted because she has moved into another state .. so i rmember once she asked me if i wud go back to her if she returns in a couple of years and i said yes and she asked me if i wud marry her , i said yes ... well by this time i had already told her tht i cannot be attracted to u nor any other gurl except my ex .. so well n e way around that time i also like i said she kept on talkin about sex i remember she even used to talk about how her ex boyfriends felt her and etc etc and i like usual tried to change the topic but she wont and she used to ask me stuff i did with my ex .. well quite annoying actually!!

anyway so can u guys tell me what was really going on between us?? and m i right in saying tht it was i who messed it up for myself and that she wud have gone out weith me if i hadnt said all that stuff to her

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