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first off, ive been in a relationship with this man for almost 4 years. its been good and bad we've had our ups and downs just like any realtionship. me and him graduated from high school together, he took a year or so off i went to college. he recently enrolled in the same college i go too. i love him with all my heart, i wanna marry him and have children some day. lately he meet this friend in college :rolleyes:. one day him and i went to pick my mother up from work. while i was driving(him in the passengers seat) his phone rang, it was her saying"why didnt you call me today". he told her im with my girlfriend and hung up that phone on her. i asked him who was that he was quite. he claims shes just a nice person and they just are friends. After being curious for a while i checked his cell phone bill. he talks to this female for hours at a time, at least 2 to three times a week. After confronting him he went off. saying there is nothing for you to worry about. i love u blah, blah, blah. i told him from a situation before like this that another female friend broke up me and my ex. and it hurt like crazy. i dont know if hes cheating or not but i dont trust this female. lately i called her to talk to her. she didnt answer the phone so i left a message. i told her that i didnt want to argue with her, i just wanted to know whats going on with her and my boyfriend. i wasnt disrespectful or anything. was this wrong for calling her? she called my boyfriend back and told him that i threaten her. all these other lies. he called me and told me that his friends shouldnt feel uncomfortable because of me. i told him i should feel uncomfortable because of her. he said" he wants all three of of to sit down and talk. i told him he's crazy.we didnt have any problems in or relationship to he met her. since this has happen a few days ago. i havent been the same. im crying alot, not studying like im suppose to. and im stressed out. im not upset cause he has female friends cause i have male friends. but this friend just make me feel different inside, and i never met her! i dont know why i feel like this. i need some advice please. :confused:

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